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Hyosung ATMs

Cash Accepting ATMs

Monimax 8600 is a high speed compact cash recycling ATM for unsurpassed amount of convenience and speed to customers. It is an ideal solution for financial institutions where cash handling cost is a high priority.

Monimax 8600 is built with advanced cash recycling technology that can help financial institutions benefit from lower cash management costs and improved availability of their ATM network. It’s unique and compact design also enhances the space efficiency of the bank.

Monimax 8600 offers multiple options from cash dispensing, to cash deposits and cash recycling.

Cash Dispensing ATMs

Monimax 5600T is an Interior freestanding cash dispenser designed to provide world-class reliability in the market with highest uptime and minimal maintenance needs.

At Inlaks, we understand the importance of speedy resolution to any issues arising in the operation. This is why we provide exceptional customer service that offers real results for maximum return on your investment.

Maximum Reliability – Monimax 5600T is designed to run for a very long time, problem free.

Mobile ATM

Our Mobile ATM solution enables financial institutions to meet the challenges of growth, operational efficiency and responsibility, by delivering the highest quality, most fulfilling self-service consumer experience and projecting the strongest brand image, while minimizing the costs and complexity of maintaining and managing your self-service channel. It is also solar-powered.

Some of the Mobile ATM benefits include:

Cost-effective alternative channel to service smaller or targeted markets Access banking services while the branch is under refurbishment

Financial Kiosk

Our Financial Kiosk provides convenience in the branch environment for customers with non-cash transactions, offering more options and faster service.

The Nautilus Hyosung Monimax 9100 offers a wide range of services including bill payment, funds transfer, balance inquiry, mobile phone top-up, mini statement, A4 or letter size statement issuance, loan approval and passbook printing. With its open architecture design, various other functionalities can be implemented for easy upgrades and high scalability.


Our ATM monitoring solution, MoniManager by Nautilus Hyosung can make the complicated ATM operation simple and easy-to-use.

At INLAKS, We understand that maintaining ATM uptime is a priority for all financial services institution, that’s why we offer MoniManager ATM Business Intelligent Software.