42 Giffard Road, East Cantonments, Accra – Ghana. Digital Address GL-055-6818
+233302773273, +233302785538.

Why work here?

The Inlaks team embraces a well-established set of cultural values known by the acronym IPEAC which represents:

We always promote ideas that add Value. At Inlaks we are disrupting the ICT and Infrastructure industry, deploying highly scalable solutions for our customers.

We always do things in the right and most efficient way. We ensure that all our employees at all levels adhere to our guiding principles of best practice when carrying out their daily business activities. We care not only about getting the right things done but also doing things right.

We exceed expectations by surpassing ordinary standards. We aim to offer quality services that bring satisfaction to our customers.

We anticipate and respond to change quickly. We are flexible recognizing that the industry in which we operate is constantly evolving.

Our focus is to delight our customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations. We do not relent in anticipating our customers’ needs while offering best possible solutions to them as trusted advisors.

We are a people-oriented organisation, much like a family, our work environment is characterised by an atmosphere of warmth and friendship with a keen eye for excellence in all we do. You can join us to make a difference on a global scale if you share our IPEAC core values.

Why work at Inlaks

We are Inlaks, we learn, we innovate, we are the future…We Own tomorrow.

If you want to join us, you can apply for any of our Current Vacancies that you qualify for or send us an email via careers@inlaks.com