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Deployment of 1,600 Hyosung ATM Brands: Top FSI in Nigeria

Client’s Challenge

One of Nigeria’s long-standing and most respected financial institutions, offering a portfolio of banking services aimed to deploy additional ATMs. This was to meet the customer demands, avail more of the banks ATMs across the country and to address the challenge of increasing queues on the banks ATMs.

  • Inadequate ATMs to serve the increasing number of the bank’s customers.
  • Insufficient alternative channels to create additional options for customers.
  • Increasing fees made by the bank when the banks customers use other banks ATMs.
  • Insufficient offsite ATMs.

Our Approach

We offered a value proposition for deployment of additional ATMs to the bank to solve the identified customer problems and improve the situation.

The Good News for Our Client

  • Growth of the Banks ATM estate to over 1,600.
  • Additional ATMs to serve the banks increasing number of customers.
  • More alternative channels for the bank’s customers.
  • Reduction in the banks customers using other banks ATMs and resulting in reduced fees paid.
  • Improved offsite ATM availability.
  • Convenient access to self-service banking in shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, airports, university campuses, bars, and many other locations.
  • Increased revenues from card transactions of other bank’s customers.
  • Reduction in queue at the bank’s ATMs.

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